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Hunt Terrier Breeder with dog

Roux Dog-Cody Cox (owner)

About Us


     My husband was reluctant to listen to my pleas regarding him needing to purchase a Terrier to assist him with tracking wounded deer. In fact, he purchased another breed known for tracking deer prior to us purchasing Trace. Sadly, the dog seemed scared of gun shots and basically every loud noise she was presented with, including the lawnmower. One evening I was searching online for nearby breeders of Hunt Terriers and ran across a website for Russelville Farms. After my husband saw all of the pictures posted of ​ Hunt Terriers and their awesome ability for tracking big game, he was convinced.  Shortly after purchasing  Trace, our family fell in love with his personality and also his keen since for  hunting. It didn't take us long to realize he needed a companion, so along came Darla.....

     If your family is wanting a new family pet who is loyal, fearless and friendly, with the ability to rid your property of unwanted pest or find your husbands wounded deer,  then a Hunt Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier, may be just what your family needs! I'd suggest that you do your homework though, because they are a very active breeds! You are welcome to go visit the AHTCA or EJRTCA by clicking on the tab to find out more info on these very special breeds of dog.


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