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Our Terriers

Hunt Terrier aka solid colored Jack Russell with wounded deer
Hunt Terrier aka solid colored Jack Russell with wounded deer


     We are a proud breeder of  American Hunt Terriers, aka solid colored Jack Russell Terriers & Shorty Jack Russell's located in Central Louisiana.  We are known for breeding puppies that are healthy and well socialized before going to their furever home.

    For those not familiar with the Hunt Terrier breed,  they were initially used by the British to flush fox out of small dens and for rodent control around barns and stables.  Today, Barn Hunt is a rapidly growing sport where Hunt Terriers and other working dog breeds are allowed to show off their working ability. We purchased  our first Hunt Terrier to assist my husband with tracking deer. Trace, our sire, proved his working ability as a puppy when he was fast to please his master by finding wounded deer. 

      English Jack Russell' Terriers are also known for their keen hunting skills and for their loyal and obedient personalities.  They have been bred since the 1800's in England to track fox and for rodent control as well. 

     We are a proud member of the American Hunt Terrier  Club Association that  is dedicated in preserving the "proper registry of these highly intelligent, loyal Hunt Terriers."




Jason & Janet Meyers
Registered memebers of AHTCA
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